5 signs that you are with a Negative person

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Rare would be the scenario that you are all alone for miles and miles.

(Unless maybe if you are lost or stranded alone on an island!)

Because the moment we take our first breath and open our eyes, we will be surrounded by people around us most of the time. That’s how things work on our (over-populated) planet.

Some of these people we choose, some we don’t.

A lot of what we are is reflected by the people we choose to be around. We imbibe the energy of our surrounding people. Going by the same line of thought, when we are with negative people, that is the energy we absorb and carry.

Negativity, in general, is one of the things that holds people back, and you have to see what’s holding you back, to get away from it.

Lucy Dacus

The first step of staying away from negative people is to recognize one.

1. They talk about problems, not solutions.

Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.

Albert Einstein.

You come with any solution to a problem, negative people are so adept in their trade, they can find some problem in that. Throw the best solution at them, it will not be good enough.

It is not that they are experts on something and are equipped to judge/evaluate the option, it is just that their brain is not wired to process anything positive. They are comfortable around problems. That is all they can see.

So they never arrive at a solution because they are yet to overcome the unending problems. And ruling out a solution to a problem is so much easier than working it out.

2. Complaints and Excuses are their best buddies.

A negative person can complain even about the Sun. NOTHING is good. The rain irritates them, the loud noise erks them, the light is too harsh, it is too cold outside for a stroll, why did they come so late to the party and the list never ends. Rather than enjoying something or living the experience, they do not want to move out of their comfort zone( even that does not exist). The perfect situation never comes.

You see it had rained last night and the road was so wet and my network was so bad that I couldn’t order a cab, I missed the get-together. I possibly couldn’t have walked down, right?

A plethora of excuses. A reason why they don’t just go out and get it. The mind presents to them so many obstacles that they give up even before they start. And have numerous and one reason to blame for things not happening their way.

3. Their world is about OTHER people.

I am not talking about critics.

A negative person has an uncanny affinity for analyzing the shortcomings of another person. It appears as if they have been sent to earth for this sole purpose. They can go on for a long time discussing people and their actions. The delight they experience in talking about a person is palpable. Try steering the conversation away from the ‘target’, will bet a hundred bucks, you will find yourself in the same boat after a couple of minutes.

Their thoughts are so outwards that they never have introspected themselves. Rather than focusing on themselves, they spend most of their time pulling others down.

4. Their dictionary lacks the word “Appreciate”.

This is a unique trait that I have seen in every person I have tagged as negative. They are aversive to praising someone or appreciating something/someone. The absence of seeing-good-in-something being the sole reason. It is really pitiful when one fails to see anything good in someone/something. It bleeds their heart to praise someone.

5. Emotional baggage

A negative person carries a load of emotions. Mostly negative.

Worrying: Since they see the wrong in everything, the mind calculates all the permutation and combination of things that can go wrong.

Trust issues: The very fact that they fail to see the good in anyone, they fail to trust and start any relationship with a zero-trust.

Touch-me-not: They are not open to criticism and are never to ask for feedback.

Anger: Self-proclaimed as The Ideal one, small things which do not go their way erks them. They feel free to express it vividly.

Sadness: Loaded with excuses, they live in the past. They are more focused on the many things that did not happen for so many “reasons” than on things that they can still do. At the drop of a hat, they will tell you why they are not-yet-famous.

These are a few of the many emotions they carry and magnanimously give away to people around.

You can meet one just anywhere- in a meeting room, on a bus, in the lift or even in your house. They are omnipresent.

Don’t walk away from negative people, RUN.

Mark Twain.

Some you can avoid, some not.

Next time, we shall see what we can DO about them.



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