8 Questions You Must Ask Before You Hit The 'Publish' Button

Photo by Olya Kobruseva: https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-working-inside-the-coffee-shop-5029146/

The results only encouraged me to keep asking questions and adding more to the list.

Qs. 1 — "Does my story keep its promise in the headline?"

Action tip:

  • using clickbait, or
  • over-promising and under-delivering,

Qs. 2 — "Does my story have 'ME' in it?"

You are a brand.

Action tip:

Qs. 3 — "Is my story fun to read for the readers?"

Action tip:

  • some deliberate light moments,
  • some new/coined words
  • some twists and turns, or
  • some smack-you-back-to-attention elements in my stories.

Qs. 4 —" Does my story have a takeaway for the reader?"

No one cares about me or my thoughts.

Action tip:

Highlight the takeaways — it suits the skimmers too!

Qs. 5 —" Is the story formatted for good readability?"

Action tip:

  • No big chunks of texts sitting heavy on the story, please.
  • Short paragraphs, appropriate punctuations.
  • Images, reference pictures.
  • No redundancy too.

Qs. 6 — "Have I included all the information related to the story?"

Action tip:

  • If it is a topic that cannot accommodate itself in one go, make it clear in the title and leave the decision to the reader whether they are ready to invest themselves.
  • Use links to complete the story without making it too lengthy.
  • One need not do a thesis out of a story. Things that are not related to the topic should be skipped.

Qs. 7 —" Is the flow of the story seamless?"

  • Does every segment lead to the next logically?
  • Is there a drastic jump in the line of thought somewhere?
  • Are there any jerks in the story the reader might experience?

Action tip:

Qs. 8 — "Is my headline powerful enough to make readers want to click on it?"

Action tip:


Understand that there is no perfect story — with every edit, it becomes a tad better.



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