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Dreamer/ Extroverted Introvert/ Engineer, who pursued Banking, tasted IT, with knee-scrapping Entrepreneurial experience, found true love in Writing

Introvert, Thinker, Prankster, Non-judgemental, and Kindness Practitioner

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A past tumor in my spinal cord and a failed business are two things I wear with pride on my sleeves. Proud, not because I failed- but because I have come out stronger and happier on the other side.

Hi! I am Lipika Sahu. I am 24-year-old(that’s what I always…

Writing with gender neutrality is important to convey the right message

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A woman invented the ice cream maker. Yet, we say it is man-made. Inappropriate, right?

I am not a staunch feminist, but yes, it irks me when a person refers to a generic gender as a man by default. …

And stop yourself from calling quits

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I never had any proper writing experience, apart from the occasional ones I did as assignments and some intermittent diary entries. Yet, the moment I started writing as a writer, I fell in love with the process.

As I continued writing, I was enjoying it more and more. It was…

From a cracked phone to becoming an imposter — How I lost the balance of both bank and mind

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Don’t know where to start. Okay, let me try.

So, it all started in 2015 when I ventured into the much-hyped arena of business. A fad among our generation. A must-try-at-least-once sort of thing. Seemed fail-proof at that time backed with the right kind of education, experience, and awareness.


And why should children be kept away from such fairy tales

Clipart of a girl running with caption saying- You are not a Princess and that’s ok upon a yellow background.
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When I was a kid, I had to participate in a fancy dress competition. Like my other girlfriends, I too wanted a fairy tale princess attire for myself. But as luck would have it, by the time we reached the shop, all the costumes were sold out. The shop-owner held…

Mother, Writer, To-be Author, and Intern- the way I am squeezing each day till I get out the last drop of my creative juice

Photo by Teona Swift from Pexels

And I also exercise regularly.

Nothing great there. Really. I have seen people manage much more than what I get out of a day. But I am proud of the fact that I have been able to step up my game.

A few changes here and there, and I could…

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So you have failed.

In business (my case). Or your SAT score has just bombed. Or you have just shrouded a long-running relationship.

A failure, end of the topic.

Now what?

You find a hole and bury yourself within that. You find solace in your own company. You start avoiding…

And you have access to them all, but one (maybe)

Photo by Tobias Aeppli from Pexels

Remember the game Hot-and-Cold, where one has to find something by asking ‘hot or cold’? Well, content ideas are always HOT around you. Coz they are everywhere.

Nonetheless, many writers get stuck at this stage for a long time. But if you pay close attention to little things that happen…

Here’s one for them(..l.)

Image by Janos(Pexels)

Being a woman, this is like a part of the deal — encountering such species, lurking around, waiting to grab…. opportunities. And if you are having an awful day, even other things.

I have tolerated my fair share of creeps — in public transports, on roads, and the popular place…

And other stereotypes the new ‘Cinderella’ is breaking

Photo by Crawford Jolly on Unsplash

My 11-year-old daughter was very excited about the release of ‘Cinderella’ on Prime Videos. That was the one she selected for our Friday movie-night ritual. I was a bit surprised by the selection.

Because she is not a fan of the usual fairy tale stories about princesses, who invariably failed…


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