Dreamer/ Extroverted Introvert/ Engineer, who pursued Banking, tasted IT, with knee-scrapping Entrepreneurial experience, found true love in Writing

Introvert, Thinker, Prankster, Non-judgemental, and Kindness Practitioner

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A past tumor in my spinal cord and a failed business are two things I wear with pride on my sleeves. Proud, not because I failed- but because I have come out stronger and happier on the other side.

Hi! I am Lipika Sahu. I am 24-year-old(that’s what I always…

From a cracked phone to becoming an imposter — How I lost the balance of both bank and mind

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Don’t know where to start. Okay, let me try.

So, it all started in 2015 when I ventured into the much-hyped arena of business. A fad among our generation. A must-try-at-least-once sort of thing. Seemed fail-proof at that time backed with the right kind of education, experience, and awareness.


And why should children be kept away from such fairy tales

Clipart of a girl running with caption saying- You are not a Princess and that’s ok upon a yellow background.
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When I was a kid, I had to participate in a fancy dress competition. Like my other girlfriends, I too wanted a fairy tale princess attire for myself. But as luck would have it, by the time we reached the shop, all the costumes were sold out. The shop-owner held…

I wanted to know what my daughter thinks when I reprimand her.

dog in foreground standing at attention, photo is from shoulders up. I wanted to know what my daughter thinks when I reprimand her by Lipika. short story. relationships, family
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My 11-year-old daughter has been obsessed with nail paints lately. She kept changing her nail color, sometimes twice or thrice in a day!

Initially, it was occasional, which soon graduated to always. A bit concerned about the effects of the application of nail polish for a prolonged time, I sat her down and voiced my concerns strongly.

Later that evening, we were casually talking when I asked her a question—so what are you thinking when Mama corrects you or reacts strongly to you about something?

She replied-—I listen to the first few sentences. Then I just look at you, but keep thinking about other stuff. Because you just say the same thing in different ways.

My husband had a good laugh when I told him about this:-)

When you reach a phase of life where you start referring to dear ones in the past tense.

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Having lost two aunts and two uncles within twelve months, I have become a clingy child again.

I keep calling my parents too often these days, so much so that sometimes they even ignore my calls! As if… anyway this girl is going to call in a few hours.

That’s because I am overpowered with this dreading feeling — the fear of loss.

I want to gorge on something which will be taken away from me in some time. The mere act of framing that feeling in words is daunting.

How strange it feels to think that a person who you know so well and love is not around. You cannot talk to them anymore.


The worst part — nothing prepares you for that.

In the memory of Badamaa

A piece of jewelry she always adorned;

That made her all the more beautiful;

The simplicity she always had;

Made her a more beautiful human;

Love she had for all;

And with love was she always showered;

As you depart to a more beautiful abode, Badamaa;

Do know you are in our hearts;

We- whose life you have touched in so many ways;

Do keep that one thing intact —

The everlasting smile.


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