After Writing 87 Headlines In a Day, Dissecting 7 To Give You a Framework

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  • CEOs/Founders/Senior Management — to get more insight
  • Experienced SEO Professionals — looking to be updated
  • Freshers — starting their careers in SEO

The objective of this story:

How to start with an idea & end up with a great headline.

Example #1

  • How To Hire The Best SEO Expert Even If You Are Not An Expert
  • N Things You Should Know Before Hiring Your SEO Expert


Example #2

  • This Doctor Makes $200k With ZERO Spending On SEO. This is How.
  • Possible To Earn $200k With ZERO-cost SEO Strategies? This Doctor Does.


  • Placing the significant number as close to the beginning.
  • Accentuating the ZERO
  • Including Verbs like 'makes' and 'earns' also helps.
  • You may twist grammar a bit to control the length of the headline. Like I omitted 'Is it' at the start.

Example #3

  • How My SEO Career Changed From Being An Employee To a Boss?
  • From a $100 Employee To a $2 Million Boss: How I Changed My Destiny With SEO & You Can Too


Example #4

  • A Detailed Career Path Of an SEO Specialist In 2023: From a Guy with 15 Years Experience
  • Should You Choose SEO As a Career & How It Is In 2023


Example #5

  • I Earned $5 Million In Affiliate Revenue Effortlessly. Here's What I Learned.


  • Greed and benefit. The attractive number is a big plus.
  • There is no suspense. The answer is right there.
  • Effortlessly — high on rewards, low on the grinds is a tempting option
  • And sharing of knowledge — reader benefit.

The best headlines compel readers to read. And to make them read, it has to move them in some way — emotionally.

Example #6

  • I Increased My Website Traffic By 300% — My 3-Step Plan.
  • My Traffic Increased By 300% With 3 Simple Steps. No, I'm Not Joking.


Example #7

  • N Signs To Know If Your SEO 'Expert' Is a Cheat
  • Expert Or Cheat: Which SEO Are You Paying For?





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