My Indian Mother

If My (Indian) Mother Were To Scold Me For Not Writing Daily

This is how she would do it. But do we actually need a reminder?

Lipika Sahu
2 min readMay 19, 2022


My sweet mom

Lipi, are you writing already? (An indirect way to check if I was writing)

No!? Why?

What sort of writer are you? Why can’t you just sit and write? How difficult is that!?

I will tell you how — just use your legs to get up and raise your bum, walk to your table…you know how to walk, right?…or should I teach you that also…then, pull that chair, lower your bum, keep your hands on the table, switch on the laptop, and WRITE (higher decibel for more emphasis)! How difficult is that?

Why should I keep barking like a dog, every day…like I have nothing else to do. Just ask you to write every day.

And by the way, aren’t you a ‘writer’ (quotes with fingers)?

Acha, tell me what makes you a writer, haan? Writing (answers herself).

And that is what you need to be reminded of every day!?

Does someone remind you to breathe, brush, take bath…offo…you don’t bathe daily also… anyways..why should someone tell you to write daily??

No, just tell me, why?

This is the last time I am telling you this. Don’t make me repeat it ever again. By the time I am back, you should have published two stories, or else no lunch for you (storms off).


(I have slept late. Was writing. I am about to have my morning tea when she catches me.)

What is wrong with you!? (without any prelude, assuming that it is another day wasted.)

What am I supposed to do with you? Hey Bhagwan (addressing God by folding her hands), give me the strength to raise this one.

[But Ma, I was writing the whole night! (I reply)]

[An immediate change in the expression.]

Oh. [Gear change]

What will you have for breakfast? Should I make your favorite-poha?

You go and write. I will bring your tea and breakfast to your room.

(Serves with a big smile and a gentle pat on the head.)

No, my mother doesn’t scold me for this, but I would love to hear her.

I came across a couple of writing articles that advised writers to write daily. Got me thinking.

But, aren’t we supposed to do that? Write?

Why the need to be told?

The day I need to drag myself to write, I will stop calling myself a writer. For that day, at least.

You can write good. You can write bad. You can write shitty.

But you have to write to be called a writer.

So, don’t wait up for someone to tell you to do it. Just do it.

Or do you want to talk to my mom?