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First of all, a big thanks to you Jolie A. Doggett. Great session. And an extremely engaging one.

As suggested by you, I am putting all my stuff below.

Exercise 1- One word


Obsession, OCD, I am a bordering case of one.

Gets my mind clear. Can’t work in a cluttered environment. I have noticed I feel good about cleaning stuff, and keep admiring it for some time. I keep coming back to see and feel wow.

Now I heard dirty. I am thinking dirty. Hospitals. Sewage. No, need to shift focus.

Bitch, spank, Doggy. Now I am in a completely different zone. 10 pm over here. Can’t do it.

Back to clean. I have to clean my windows tomorrow. Boring. Sleep. Better option. Robot. Humanoids.

Exercise 2- Picture this

A collection of four images- scan of baby, Band-aid, track, lady

Beginning of life. Amazing. God is the greatest scientist, or whatever She is. I always refer to God as she/her. Not sexist, but I want to tip the scale a bit.

The track reminds me of life. As a journey. A slow one. Giving time to soak in all that is there to see in between. If you choose to, obviously. Else you may run with the blinders on and see nothing. Just arrive. And then, what’s the hurry? You know the destination, right? Everyone has to reach there, no other place to go!

Band-aid. Rip it off! Ouch! Oops. Flaunt it. Get everyone's attention. Garner some concern, baby. Kiddish now.

What about her? Too sunny?

Exercise 3- Your story

I’m here because of monkeys!? Darwin? Absurd. I a stressed now, biting my nails, nervous. Nothing in my head.

Head. Okay. She ( Divine ) was in a great mood when he was making me. Threw in loads of love, compassion, and wisdom(?). And a tear gland that can spew gallons of tear!! What is with me and tears?

Mostly when I am happy! Who does that? I feel guilty when I buy something expensive. Somewhere someone is hungry. Should I? Should I donate this? Oh, donation makes me soooo happy.

My mom would never allow me to waste food. Do you know how many children do not get to eat a full meal in a day? I do finish my food. But I am sad now.

Where did I reach? Way off track.

Exercise 4- Conflicting thoughts

I think humans should not wear clothes. Would solve so many problems. Body shaming, environment, uniformity.

It’s so liberating. Feel so free. I don’t know how to sell this idea. I just feel good. Here I am, stuck again. Sometimes I feel I have so much to speak and then I am not able to.

I have this like a truckload of ideas to write on, but I fail to put them into words, the way I like it. It doesn’t look great when I pen them down!

I love the way she speaks. So verbose and yet so engaging. Love the vibes and the confidence.

Exercise 5- What are you an expert in?

Biriyani (a dish)

Listening. People tend to talk freely with me. They even divulge their secrets! I have so many secrets shared by so many people, I am like a safe deposit of one. I tend to become a sob-sister.

Am great with my daughter and consider an expert parent. pat pat.

Shifting! 12 till date. I am good at uprooting my base and resettling in another place. Packing stuff, relocating, hunting houses. I should be in real estate??

Empathy. Again loads of tears. I feel people.

I like giving back to society in small ways. I like giving.

Chicken butter masala. My specialty.

Exercise 6- A letter

Hey Aashvi,

It’s mom this side. I can see you are not asleep yet. It’s a school night. Okay. A few more minutes and mama will be done.

I am so proud of the way you are growing up. The things that you are doing. So many! My goodness. I wish I was as dedicated as you are. I can see the right values in you- kind, supportive, assertive, and confident. Just remember to be happy. That’s what life is all about.

Things will happen your way, and sometimes not. No matter what, stay happy. Keep smiling. Remember so many people in this world love you and care about you. Remember how lucky you are. Be thankful. See good in everything.

Is it overloaded. I know you would be rolling your eyes already.

Anyways, love you.

Exercise 7- Draft

Still, some more refinement to go into this. Not a final draft.

Thank you.



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