My Dog Stepped On a Bee. The Bee Was ‘Honey-Dip’.

Photo by Mateusz Dach (Pexels)

The world can’t get enough of the drama! I am a part of it. Guilty.

Johnny Depp-Amber Heard's defamation lawsuit has become the cynosure of all eyes, as the case treacherously sways like Captain Jack Sparrow’s Black Pearl on a tumultuous sea.

But Johnny Depp being Johnny Depp, the courtroom (thankfully) is not that somber a place.

From cute smiles after every instance of ‘hearsay’, actually pausing and anticipating it, to the admonishing look at his attorney when he steals his strawberry-flavored skittles; Johnny has thankfully kept his good humor.

And cannot forget the goof-ups of Amber’s legal team! Or the soothing ‘warmth’ between attorney Camille and Johnny that’s taking down the internet.

It has all the elements of a blockbuster movie.

Amid all the ‘fun’ that seems to be happening in the courtroom, my heart goes out to Johnny.

After investing so much into the legendary character of Captain Jack Sparrow, adding his own elements, improvising, and making it what it is today, Disney Productions threw him out of the franchisee.

Washing off your hands from anything that is tainted with the story of an abused woman is not feminism. No.

It’s escapism.

Being a third-party spectator. Convenient.

I am a feminist. But sadly, feminism is often skewed. I have a problem when people are okay when women abuse men, but when it happens the other way around, all hell breaks loose.

BOTH should be condemned. That would be gender equality. In a true sense.

As Johnny Depp puts it aptly — guilty until proven innocent.

Well, as the story keeps unfolding, there will be more for the world to witness.



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