Namaste from the land of culture and history — India!

I am an Engineer, Banker, Entrepreneur, Writer, and most importantly, a Mother.

Medium is my second love (the first being my family). The love was instantaneous, and we hit it off the moment we met. The thing I love most about it is its simplicity.

The only thing one needs to focus on is — writing.

And it is a sea of opportunities. Writers have so many avenues to explore and establish themselves. And that comes with the added bonus of meeting wonderful people.

It’s like the watering hole of great minds.

I started as a novice on Medium and am a proud Top Writer in Writing today. My articles are based on:

— Writing skills,

— Writing Strategies,

— Audience Growth,

— Writing Tools,

— Productivity,

— Medium Growth,

— and some FUN!

Come on, what’s life without some fun!?

As a beginner writer, I had my share of struggles in trying to figure things out. I admit it was tough, and I have called it quits a time or two. But thankfully, sanity did not ditch me, and I dusted myself and kept going.

That’s why I feel for new writers, and I take it upon myself to share all that I have learned to make someone else's journey a tad easier.

I also consult beginners who are struggling to find their writing voice.

If you wish to connect with me, you can drop me a mail at

Till then, happy writing!!

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